Lovati House FAQs

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What is a niche perfume and how does it differ from mainstream perfumes?

Niche perfumes are high-end and often artisanal olfactory creations, made with ingredients of exceptional quality. Unlike mainstream perfumes, niche perfumes are distinguished by their originality, creativity and rarity. They are often created by independent perfumers or small perfume houses, which allows them to think outside the box and offer unique olfactory experiences.

How do duped niche perfumes manage to faithfully recreate the olfactory notes of the big luxury houses?

Dupes niche perfumes are crafted with great attention to detail and quality of ingredients. The perfumers who design these dupes strive to faithfully recreate the olfactory notes of luxury perfumes using subtle combinations of high-quality essential oils, absolutes and synthetics. Thanks to their expertise and passion for perfumery, they manage to capture the distinctive olfactory nuances of the great luxury houses in creations that closely resemble the originals.

What are the advantages of opting for duped niche perfumes in terms of quality and price compared to authentic luxury perfumes?

Dupe niche perfumes offer several advantages over genuine luxury perfumes. First of all, they allow perfume lovers to access high-end fragrances at much more affordable prices. By opting for a dupe, you can get an olfactory experience similar to that of a luxury perfume without having to pay the exorbitant price associated with the luxury brand. In addition, dupe niche perfumes often use ingredients of equal or even higher quality and are crafted with as much care as the original luxury perfumes, which guarantees exceptional quality.

How do I choose the perfect dupe niche perfume that matches my olfactory preferences and personality?

Choosing a dupe niche perfume depends on your personal taste and personality. Take the time to explore different olfactory notes and find out which ones appeal to you the most. If you like floral, fruity, woody or oriental scents, look for luxury perfume dupes that fit these olfactory categories. Also read the descriptions and customer reviews to get a better idea of ​​the olfactory experience offered by each dupe. Do not hesitate to try samples to smell the perfumes on your skin before making your final choice.

Are dupe niche perfumes made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients?

Dupe niche perfumes can be made with a combination of natural, synthetic and eco-friendly ingredients. Some dupes may favor the use of natural and sustainable ingredients to address environmental concerns. However, it is essential to consult the information specific to each dupe to understand the choice of ingredients made by the perfumery house. If sustainability and natural ingredients are important to you, look for dupe niche fragrance brands that emphasize these values ​​in their manufacturing process.